The “Clean and Green” Seminar

October 10 and 11, 2018
Southfield, Michigan

Educational Training with top industry experts!
Learn more about solvent regulations.
Hosted by KYZEN and Ecoclean.


Seminar will be held at:
Ecoclean Inc.
26801 Northwestern Highway
48033 Southfield, MI 48033

For questions please contact:  Priscila Faester |

Join us for an in-depth overview of the latest changes in government regulations that are affecting nPB/TCE/HFCs chemistry users in manufacturing facilities across US.  We will be offering 2 days of training, with several technical sessions and hands-on testing throughout the day!  Training is FREE, but space is limited so sign up today!


Recent U.S. Government / EPA Changes Concerning nPB/TCE Used in Manufacturing Operations.  With the ever tightening rules and regulations imposed on solvent cleaning by Federal, State, and other regional governing bodies, today’s solvents must be safe, efficient, effective, environmentally compliant, and provide the required performance level to meet the end user’s needs. Environmental / Health / Safety concerns are paramount when selecting a solvent to meet the cleaning application! This session will provide a current comprehensive look at:

  • Current EPA / OSHA / NESHAP solvent regulations review
  • Emerging NEW solvents – Safety and Performance
  • Market trends for solvent cleaning and more

A Step by Step Guide to help Prevent Corrosion at your Manufacturing Facility.  If you are fighting corrosion on your manufacturing facility, you are not alone.  In this
educational and interactive session, we will provide an in-depth overview of the problem as well as an analysis of the required factors contributing to corrosion.  You will also learn about the types of corrosion associated with the metal industry and the leading causes, as well as ways to minimize them.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Facility Tour & Chemistry Demo. Bring your soiled parts to our event and you will be able to participate in our Live Demo.  We will have aqueous and solvent chemistry available for testing!

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Meet the Speakers:

Mr. Joe McChesney has over 39 years of experience on many cleaning processes from conceptual design through field operation. He has served on the EPA/Clean Air Advisory Board, on the State of Kentucky International Trade Association Advisory Board, and has many equipment designs and/or processes related to solvent usage patented. Joe has also contributed to many articles for the industry, including this recent contribution to Stamping Journal .
Mr. Jason Schwarts  has exceptional experience in the metal finishing and electronics industry. Currently managing the Midwest and Southeast region of the country, Jason’s unique understanding of both mechanical and chemical interactions has helped improve many manufacturing facilities throughout US.  With a deep understanding of Corrosion Prevention, helps several automotive and aerospace manufacturing companies prevent rust in their metal parts.



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