Visit us at 2017 PMTS/PCx

April 25-27, 2017
Greater Columbus Convention Center  – Columbus, OH 
NEW: Knowledge Center at PCx

Mr. Chuck Sexton will be discussing the Vacuum Degreasing process and its benefits!  Don’t miss out. For more information, click here!

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Attend Educational Training with KYZEN Technical Experts!

How the RIGHT chemistry can help you improve your parts cleaning. 
(Tue. April 25 – 10:45 am)

Our Global Technology Manager, Mr. Joe McChesney, will provide you with an overview of the appropriate steps that can be taken to improve your parts cleaning while at the same time using green chemistry. Prior to selecting any cleaning process it is important that the cleaning process, chemistry, waste treatment, and environmental compliance are addressed. It takes a combination of all facets to achieve maximum results for production, quality, personnel safety, and environmental requirements! Click here for more information.
Mr. McChesney has over 39 years of experience on many cleaning processes from conceptual design through field operation. He has served on the EPA/Clean Air Advisory Board, on the State of Kentucky International Trade Association Advisory Board, and has many equipment designs and/or processes related to solvent usage patented. Joe has also contributed to many articles for the industry.

Fighting Corrosion: The Common Enemy Around the Globe.
(Wed. April 26 – 11:00 am)

If you are fighting corrosion on your manufacturing facility, you are not alone.  In this educational and interactive session, Mr. Scott Fouts will provide an in-depth overview of the problem as well as an analysis of the required factors contributing to corrosion including differences between Anode, Cathode, Electrolyte, and Electrical Connector.  You will also learn about the types of corrosion associated with the metal industry and the leading causes, as well as ways to minimize them.  Learn more here! 
Mr. Fouts has has over 18 years of industrial cleaning industry, bringing a unique understanding of precision cleaning equipment, processes, and corrosion protection chemistries. Scott has a unique ability to help customers improve their production line by evaluating and addressing emerging cleaning challenges in several industry segments including manufacturing production in automotive, aerospace, and medical production and assembly lines.


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