Technical Service/Support

KYZEN is recognized around the world for exceptional customer service and commitment to excellence.

Our people love to make “house calls” and we’re there to help when you have a challenge that jeopardizes production quality. If you need to resolve a cleaning issue quickly, you need more than just a phone call or email. You need KYZEN’s global team of expert technical support and field service engineers who are available around the clock and can be anywhere in 24 to 48 hours.

Contact us now, if you have a cleaning process issue.

You should also call on KYZEN when you are experiencing an equipment or process and materials change.

You’ll enjoy having KYZEN’s highly-trained technical support team is provide assistance with every step of installing, commissioning, and operating your cleaning process, from equipment installation and start-up, through chemical management all the way to system trouble shooting. Your goal is the same as ours: the most reliable environmentally friendly cleaning solution for your process.

Wash Tank Conditioning

Consistent, reliable cleaning quality comes from more than just outstanding chemistry. It is the byproduct of PROCESS: Delivering the right amount of chemistry at the right time and getting the most value by properly conditioning the wash tank.

Our focus on “Wash Tank Conditioning” brings the cleaning chemistry, equipment, and water treatment all together in one simple integrated solution for you.

This means optimizing process performance and maximizing tank life using three simple guidelines:

    1. Keep the chemistry in the tank where it belongs by minimizing all losses
    2. Monitor and control the wash concentration to maintain an effective process.
    3. Filter the wash bath to keep it clean and extend its life.

These efforts are essential to any successful operation.

Process Audit: Regular Cleaning Process Health Check-Ups Reduce Problems

This is the best-practice methodology for maintaining consistent and reliable cleaning results and better quality products for your customers. Just like going to the doctor for a routine health check-up, verifying and trending important operating parameters provide early detection and prevention of many issues that affect production or quality over time. KYZEN’s engineering and field support team performs on-site cleaning process audits that include chemical usage reviews, rinse water quality, nozzle pressures and alignment, exhaust balancing, amperage draw for motors and blowers, and more. Our experienced experts also deliver process improvement recommendations to you.

Process Maintenance Delivers the Most Reliable and Consistent Cleaning Process Results

For the most reliable cleaning process, you need a well-maintained machine. Call on KYZEN Experts. For decades, KYZEN has provided contract maintenance services to the industry ensuring consistent cleaning outcomes including regular audits, cleaning, filter replacements and repairs. KYZEN engineers are available to assist on a schedule that works for you.

Process Upgrades and Enhancements Support

We focus on the little details that maximize your performance and reduce operating costs. KYZEN does not build cleaning machines, but you might think so. Many of our field support team came from equipment companies. And, from our 3000 ft² (280 m²) manufacturing site in the USA, we design and fabricate custom solutions for you, wherever you are. For example:

    1. Process control and automation
    2. Chemical conservation equipment and emission reduction
    3. Rinse water recycling and waste concentration
    4. Machine retrofits and conversions, such as water to chemistry
    5. Locating or fabricating hard to find spare parts

Visit our technical request page for assistance.

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