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CASE STUDY: Brass Screw Machine Part PCM 2
KYZEN Chemistry Improves Part Cleanliness and Eliminates Corrosion of Brass Screw Machine Parts.
Large Manufacturer Needs to Remove Screw Machine Oils from a Variety of Brass Screw Machine Parts, and Provide Three Months Corrosion Protection in Open Air Warehousing After Cleaning

CASE STUDY: CP90S – Powdered Metal Automotive Parts
Powder Metal Fabricated Automotive Parts.
Large Automotive Transmission Manufacturer Needed To Protect Powder Metal Transmission Parts After Cleaning

CASE STUDY: CP90S – Steel Brake and Transmission Rings
Steel Brake and Transmissions Rings
CP90S Corrosion Protection Large Tier 1 Automotive Parts Manufacturer Needs to Remove a Variety of Stamping and Gear Shaping Oils from Brake / Transmission Steel Rings at Production Speeds

CASE STUDY: M6381 Screw Machine Parts
Screw Machine Shop Invents Wheelie Washer® Indexing parts washer
Large manufacturer of screw machine parts incorporates Metalnox detergents into cleaning cutting oils from small, multiple-metal, screw machined parts at production speeds.

CASE STUDY: M6319 Steel Rings in Spray
Steel Brake and Clutch Rings
Large Automotive Parts Manufacturer Needs to Remove a Variety of Stamping Oils from Brake / Clutch Steel Rings at High Production Speeds


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