Applications Labs

Applications Laboratories Deliver Custom Cleaning Solutions

“Clean” is different for every application and each project has a unique combination of critical materials and compatibility requirements. That’s why KYZEN opened the first of its award-winning Applications Laboratory over 20 years ago – to provide manufacturers with the “risk-free” environment needed to thoroughly evaluate a wide range of processes and cleaning solutions.

Today, you’ll find KYZEN’s cleaning Applications Laboratories all around the world. So, it’s convenient and easier for you to get the help you need, wherever you are. And, we continuously invest in our state-of-the-art cleaning applications labs to ensure reliability. After all, manufacturers worldwide rely on us. Walk in and you see an unparalleled array of cleaning machinery, as well as the latest in inspection and analytical tools. At each laboratory, you’ll work with KYZEN’s team of experienced, knowledgeable technical manufacturing cleaning experts, all working together and focused one thing: solving your cleaning problem. They work tirelessly to accurately simulate your cleaning process and truly understand your unique challenges.

At KYZEN’s Cleaning Applications Laboratories, the convergence of science and care delivers the right solution for any cleaning process – including yours!

Risk-Free Testing Refines the Cleaning Process
Increase your yields and product reliability by identifying and fine tuning the critical parameters of your cleaning process. KYZEN offers “risk-free” testing in our Cleaning Applications Laboratories to ensure you achieve your goal.

Step 1 – Determine your Cleaning Process
Contact KYZEN to review your current and future cleaning needs. Our experienced engineers will quickly determine whether your existing process needs optimization or a different approach is required to meet your objective. Together we will develop a focused test plan to address your unique needs. Whether starting from scratch or refining an existing processes our industry best Applications Laboratories can assist you in a risk free environment.

Step 2 – Verify
Our experienced team will execute the series of planned evaluations then verify the results satisfy your process requirements and objectives. If sufficient parts are supplied, KYZEN can help by further optimizing the critical parameters identified. A full report with details and recommendations will available. The parts will be thoroughly tested for cleanliness with the most advanced testing machines in the industry.

Step 3 – Test & Implement
KYZEN’s Analytical and Applications laboratories have the most advanced means of measuring cleanliness in the industry including:

  • High Power Digital Microscopes. 10 – 5000x
  • Ionic Contamination testing
  • FTIR Soil Analysis
  • De-soldering Station
  • And more…

Beyond the laboratory, our team of field support engineers is available to help setup and validate the process at your site – anywhere in the world.

Process Development & Validation
Maybe you’re cleaning a “no-clean” residue for the first time or transitioning from a water-only process. Possibly a component or design change is forcing a new look at cleaning. Whatever the reason, KYZEN’s experts are available to help you design the best cleaning method from the beginning process development through validating the outcome.

KYZEN’s global Applications Laboratories teams respond quickly to your evolving cleaning needs. Our Risk- Free services allow you to evaluate solutions without interrupting your production or generating new waste at your site, all while having the assistance of seasoned industry experts.

Contract Cleaning Service
Contract Cleaning Services offer you the best solution for short term cleaning requirements. Process down time can lead to major headaches and customer relations nightmares when faced with contract deadlines. KYZEN provides fully equipped facilities that offer the latest cleaning equipment as well as a dedicated team of experienced process engineers to help with your cleaning needs.

Are you experiencing any of these problems? If so, please contact KYZEN for help.

  • Cleaning system down?
  • No-clean parts need flux removal?
  • Wrong solder paste applied?
  • Unsure of the cleaning process required for your new product?
  • Experiencing customer rejects with your current cleaning process?

With convenient locations around the world, our Cleaning & Applications Laboratories have an extensive array of equipment where we can respond quickly to your needs. Let us satisfy your cleaning requirements before you invest new capital, generate more waste, or interrupt other critical production. KYZEN’s specialists will deliver the most effective process for your specific application. KYZEN’s cleaning services can help you get out of a jam. We’re available to help you find the best solution to your situation. Give us a call and see why KYZEN is the best in the business.

Product Development
In the spirit of continuous improvement our chemists are always innovating the next generation cleaning solution. At KYZEN every new product is put through rigorous testing to ensure it is the very best. The Application Laboratories enable us to measure the effectiveness of every developmental formula revision so that you can have confidence in the science behind every final product we sell.

Atmospheric Chamber Testing
Accelerated environmental and corrosion testing is a growing concern across many industries. KYZEN has invested in an atmospheric control chamber capable of simulating heat and humidity that can cause corrosion on metal parts as well as determine conformal coating defects that can result in unacceptable field failures. All of our corrosion protection products are thoroughly tested for long term protection for your peace of mind.

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