Solstice® PF-2A

Supports Electronics Assembly Cleaning that’s Safe for Commonly-Used Plastics and Elastomers

Solstice PF-2A is an industry leading fluorinated solvent designed for electronics cleaning. Solstice PF-2A is a solvent blended with 2% methanol. Meets 25 grams-per-liter air quality requirement of California environmental regulations, such as SCAQMD rule 102. Solstice PF-2A is designed to be effective on the toughest soils while protecting even the most sensitive parts in electronic parts cleaning. It is safe for many commonly used plastics and elastomers. When completely submerged in Solstice PF for 2 weeks, plastics including ABS, HDPE, PTFE, PVC and others showed little to no deterioration. After a similar 2 week submersion test, fluoroelastomers, polyurethanes and neoprene elastomers showed excellent performance.

Solstice PF-2A is effective at cleaning acrylics, liquid RMA fluxes, hydraulic fluids and others. It is also one of the key ingredients in KYZEN’s breakthrough VaporDegreasing 20|20 processes, which deliver highly effective cleaning and favorable environmental properties. Solstice PF-2A is formulated so that it will replace your dependence on AK225 and nPb while ensuring that you exceed all HE&S and EPA requirements. It is low odder, recyclable, and offers zero personnel exposure while filling and removing.

Solstice PF-2A is thermally and hydrolytically stable. In one experiment, samples of Solstice Performance Fluid, in the presence of water and metals, were stored at 150°C for two weeks. There was no observed effect on the metals and analysis showed no indication of breakdown of the Solstice Performance Fluid. Also, samples stored in steel cylinders for several years have been analyzed and found to be in specification.

This combination of properties – solvency, compatibility and wetting – makes Solstice PF-2A an extremely versatile cleaning solvent with broad utility in related applications for electronics assembly cleaning.

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