Metalnox M6353

Metalnox M6353Metalnox®M6353 is an innovative aqueous cleaning solution designed to meet the stringent demands of automotive and diesel re-manufacturing operations. Metalnox®M6353 effectively removes heavily burned-on oil and carbon from aluminum and steel parts without damaging or discoloring. Unlike traditional caustic soaps, Metalnox®M6353 is safe and rapidly effective at removing years of oils and environmental exposure that is always a challenge for the remanufacturing industry. When rinsed with clean water, Metalnox®M6353 will leave a clean, spot-free surface on the parts, ready for the next stage of the remanufacturing process cycle. Remanufacturing is recognized as the highest form of recycling because like-new products are produced while minimizing the impact on the environment. Remanufacturing conserves natural resources and reduces pollution by:

  • Reusing raw materials which would otherwise be mined from the earth.
  • Conserving energy by reusing old parts rather than melting them down to raw material.
  • Reducing the generation of waste by keeping old parts out of landfills. Through remanufacturing, we make one of the greatest contributions to sustainable development—keeping nonrenewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes

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