Metalnox M6324US

Metalnox M6324USMetalnox® M6324US is a high strength, high alkaline, aqueous metal parts cleaning chemistry which contains chemical components designed for ultrasonic and other immersion cleaning systems.

Metalnox M6324US is a high alkaline aqueous cleaning chemistry designed for use in ultrasonic cleaning systems for cleaning metal parts.  Metalnox M6324US is effective at removing abrasive soils such as buffing and lapping compounds. This metal parts cleaning chemistry is also effective in the removal of water-insoluble oils, heavy grease, deep draw stamping compounds, and other difficult soils, including burned on carbon. Metalnox M6324US is a non-emulsifier, or oil splitter.  Once water-insoluble oil is removed from the part surface, the oil is released from solution so it can then be removed using a skimmer and/or coalescer. This oil-splitting technology allows for longer bath life and lower steady state bath soil load, thus providing cleaner parts, and a less costly metal parts cleaning operation.

Metalnox M6324US metal parts cleaner is a heavy duty, aqueous, cleaning chemistry, and is often used in exceptionally difficult and demanding metal parts cleaning applications.  One such example is the removal of resin based coatings and adhesives.  Other examples include cleaning metal parts of deep draw stamping compounds which contain chlorinated paraffin, that have undergone partial polymerization due to excessive die temperatures.

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