Metalnox M6324CP

Metalnox M6324CPMetalnox® M6324CP is a heavy-duty, alkaline cleaner/inhibitor formulated to remove chlorinated, paraffinic oils used in a wide range of machining, stamping, and deep draw operations. M6324CP is built with effective steel corrosion inhibitors to provide long term protection from rust. Metalnox M6324CP can also be added to both the wash and rinse stages of multi-stage metal parts cleaning systems.

Metalnox M6324CP is designed for both spray and immersion cleaning processes for cleaning metal parts.  Metalnox M6324CP effectively removes water-insoluble oils, heavy grease, deep draw stamping compounds, chlorinated paraffinic soils, and other difficult soils, including burned on carbon.  Metalnox M6324CP finds extensive use in high-speed stamping operations where wash exposure time is short.  Metalnox M6324CP metal parts cleaner is an oil-splitter and does not emulsify water insoluble oils.  Once water insoluble oil is removed from the part surface, the oil is released from solution allowing it to be removed by a skimmer and/or coalescer.  This oil-splitting technology allows for longer bath life and lower steady state bath soil load, both of which provide superior metal part cleaning at a lower cost.

Metalnox M6324CP metal parts cleaner contains a built-in corrosion inhibition package. Following the wash process, the CP engineered into Metalnox M6324CP leaves a dry film on the clean metal parts. If a water rinse is needed, Metalnox M6324CP is commonly added to the rinse at a concentration range of 2-5%. The corrosion preventative film prevents flash rusting due to environmental humidity and temperature fluctuations. The product is commonly used to clean ferrous parts built in Asia and shipped by ocean to their destination

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