Metalnox M6319CP

Metalnox M6319CPMetalnox® M6319CP is a heavy-duty, low foam alkaline chemistry designed to remove a wide range of machining and stamping oils from metal parts, including steel and copper alloys. M6319CP combines both exceptional metal parts cleaning and metal parts corrosion protection. It is used in both the wash and rinse stages of multi-stage cleaning systems.

Metalnox M6319CP is a mild alkaline aqueous metal parts cleaning agent designed to remove light machining oils, metal fines suspended in oil, coolants, transmission fluid, road dirt, grease and oil. The low foaming properties of M6319CP allow the product to be used in either immersion or spray-in-air cleaning equipment. Metalnox M6319CP contains a corrosion protecting agent to prevent rusting on mild steel parts. M6319CP can be used to clean aluminum and brass parts when exposure time and temperature are optimized.

Metalnox M6319CP metal parts cleaner can be used in no-rinse process. When cleaning mild steel parts, a no rinse process leaves behind a protective layer that prevents environmental moisture from reacting and forming a rust oxide on the surface of the parts. When parts are stored or packaged away from the outside elements, M6319CP provides prolong rust protection. If parts are stored outside with exposure to high levels of moisture, the inhibition properties of Metalnox M6319CP will function within a max and min activity region. The rust protection will be a function of the levels of moisture that the parts are exposed to. High levels of moisture will eventually rinse the rust protection away to a point where rust oxide will start to form.

Metalnox M6319CP can also be used when water rinsing the parts. To improve rust protection, add 3-5% solution of Metalnox M6319CP metal parts cleaner to the final rinse. The addition of Metalnox M6319CP to the final rinse leaves a corrosion protection film onto the parts following the wash process. The rust protection will be determined by the corrosion preventative film on the parts and the time period following the metal parts cleaning and exposure conditions.

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