Metalnox M6319

Metalnox M6319Metalnox® M6319 is a heavy-duty, low foaming alkaline chemistry designed to clean a wide range of machining oils and greases from metal parts for steel, ferrous, copper and many alloys.

Metalnox M6319 is a mild, alkaline aqueous metal parts cleaning agent designed to remove light machining oils, metal fines suspended in oil, coolants, transmission fluid, road dirt, grease and oil. Metalnox M6319 is a blend of water and surfactants, alkaline building agents, and oil-splitting and corrosion inhibitors. The low-foaming properties of Metalnox M6319 allow the product to be used in either immersion or spray-in-air cleaning equipment for cleaning metal parts.

The mild alkalinity design of Metalnox M6319 provides a combination of cleaning power and protection when cleaning steel and brass parts. Metalnox M6319 is low in odor, non-scaling, controllable and is an environmentally responsible metal parts cleaning agent. Additionally, Metalnox M6319 allows for the optimization of exposure time and temperature, which are both important process factors when cleaning steel and brass parts.

When cleaning stainless steel and brass parts, a no-rinse process is an option with Metalnox M6319. The product design allows for the use of Metalnox M6319 in both cabinet and tunnel spray-in-air metal parts cleaning equipment. Metalnox M6319 can also be used in soak, turbulated and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Metalnox M6319 is engineered to reduce the need for additional process steps, which can improve the environmental profile of the metal parts cleaning process.

Metalnox M6319 metal parts cleaner is designed to be used at a concentration range of 3-7% in spray applications and 8-12% in immersion applications. The concentration range is dependent on the exposure time of the cleaning agent in the wash, wash time, applied mechanical energy and the nature of the soil. On high throughput wash processes, a higher concentration may be needed to reduce cleaning time. Matching the cleaning agent to the soil improves cleaning performance and reproducibility of cleaning results. Metalnox M6319 is a medium-strength cleaning agent that functions well on cleaning metal parts from most process soils; however, a higher strength cleaning agent may be needed when cleaning carbonaceous soils.

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