Metalnox M6310

Metalnox M6310Metalnox® M6310 is a mild alkaline, aqueous metal parts cleaning chemistry designed to remove machining oils, burned on carbon and other manufacturing soils from all types of metal substrates. M6310 is highly effective on tungsten carbide and other metals susceptible to chemical attack.

Metalnox M6310 is a mild alkaline metal parts cleaning chemistry used in both spray and immersion cleaning processes.  Metalnox M6310 effectively removes both water soluble and insoluble oils, as well as burned on carbon from aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.  Metalnox M6310 is non-emulsifying and oil splitting.  Once water-insoluble oil is removed from the part surface, the oil is released from the solution so it can be removed using a skimmer and/or coalescer.  This oil-splitting technology allows for longer bath life and reduced soil load in a charged bath, thus providing cleaner metal parts within a cost-effective cleaning operation.

Metalnox M6310 metal parts cleaner contains multiple corrosion inhibitors to protect soft metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Even when used at concentrations as low as 4%, Metalnox M6310 protects aluminum and brass for longer than 90 days in non-air conditioned storage. To avoid cobalt/zinc extraction on brass and tungsten carbide, Metalnox M6310 contains no amines. Metalnox M6310 is a preferred choice for cleaning metal parts in brass screw machine operations as well as automotive re-manufacturing on non-ferrous metals.  Metalnox M6310 metal parts cleaning processes produce bright, shiny, oil-free brass parts, with no discoloration. Metalnox M6310 is an excellent choice for cleaning metal parts such as tungsten carbide, die cast aluminum, zinc die cast, and other metals which are highly susceptible to chemical attack. Metalnox M6310 provides 2 to 7 days protection for steel.

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