KYZEN Booster 80

KYZEN Booster 80KYZEN® Booster 80 is an additive designed to stop the formation of and neutralize acidic materials that may form in degreasing systems while removing chlorine containing oils. Booster 80 is designed to be added to Metalnox® M6380 as needed based on acid acceptance values measured via the KYZEN Acid Stabilizer Kit 80.

When cleaning chlorinated paraffinic oils, entrapped moisture in the cleaning system can hydrogen bond with chloride ions. When this occurs, an acid is formed in the cleaning fluid. This acid formation may change the properties of the cleaning solvent, cause corrosion on the parts being cleaned and lead to cleaning equipment damage. In extreme cases, the acid may grow strong enough to damage stainless steel if left untreated. To prevent the build-up of this acid, KYZEN Booster 80 reacts with the free chloride ions, converting these ions to a neutral salt. KYZEN’s Acid Stabilizer Kit 80 monitors acid levels and indicates when KYZEN Booster 80 is needed.

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