Ionox BCIonox® BC is a general purpose semi-aqueous solvent blend specially designed for effective removal of flux residues and dried uncured adhesives. Ionox BC is approved for manual stencil cleaning as well as underscreen wipe applications.

Ionox BC is a high strength electronics cleaner containing a blend of organic solvents and is commonly used for benchtop spot cleaning of reworked PCBs and manual stencil cleaning. Ionox BC has proven effective for the removal of virtually all types of pastes and fluxes including rosin flux, low residue paste, no-clean flux, organic acid flux, lead-free flux, as well as mis-printed pastes and uncured adhesives. Ionox BC has been approved for use in most stencil printing machines. It is also compatible with all modern cleaning equipment and may be used in inerted spray, immersion agitation, or ultrasonic systems.

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