Cybersolv C8622

Cybersolv C8622Cybersolv® C8622 is a full strength solvent blend specifically designed as an IPA alternative in stencil wiping and manual bench top cleaning applications. Easy to use, C8622 is applied in applications where IPA is typically used.

Cybersolv C8622 is designed to replace IPA (isopropyl alcohol) for cleaning water soluble and rosin flux residues. C8622 is ideal for use at electronic assembly work benches, spot cleaning, under-stencil printer cleaning and manual stencil cleaning processes.

Cybersolv C8622 solvency make-up is engineered with a mixture of oxygenated solvents and water. The selected solvents are based on their chemical properties to mix with water. The mixture of ingredients forms an azeotrope, which provides for uniform evaporation. Uniform evaporation allows for the stencil cleaning agent to function as a solvent. The cleaning mixture forms a constant boiling and evaporation point.

Cybersolv C8622 is ideally suited for dissolving un-reflowed solder paste during the stencil printing process. C8622 improves stencil printing yields by removing trace solder paste deposits from the stencil aperture. Clean stencils are critically important when high dense stencil patterns. When cleaning the underside of the stencil with Cybersolv C8622, yield improves due to the repeatability of printing the right amount of solder paste printed onto fine pitch leads. Properly cleaned stencils achieve repeatability and reproducibility over time.

Cybersolv C8622 is also used in wipes and with manual ultrasonic stencil cleaning systems. C8622 rapidly dissolves the flux within the solder powder. Dissolving the flux allows the solder powder to release from the stencil aperture. Cybersolv C8622 dries spot free and does not require a water rinsing step.

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