Aquanox A8831

Aquanox A8831AQUANOX® A8831 is a mild formulation that is compatible with stencils and effectively removes all types of solder pastes (water soluble, rosin, and no-clean) from fine pitch apertures. Aquanox A8831 is a low odor cleaner than can be used in open systems. The green environmental properties of Aquanox A8831 make it an ideal option for areas where air emissions are highly regulated

Aquanox A8831 cleans solder paste from stencil apertures in spray-in-air cleaning machines, using a 10% solution at room temperature.  The product does not phase separate, but forms a cloud point at ambient temperatures. Aquanox A8831 has virtually no odor, requires no mixing before or during use and has a VOC level of less than 1 gram per liter at use conditions. Aquanox A8831 cleans all solder paste types including water soluble, rosin and no-clean. Maximum wash cycle time is typically less than 4 minutes and Aquanox A8831 easily rinses with water, leaving no residue on stencil surfaces. Following the cleaning process, solder spheres fall to the bottom of the cleaning tank. The solder spheres may be removed using filtration or decant catch pans.

Aquanox A8831 is compatible with seals and materials of construction common to spray-in-air stencil cleaning machines and is also compatible with PVC piping, metals, plastics and ceramics, when used within recommended cleaning parameters. Aquanox® A8831 does not tarnish stencil foils or frames, nor does it attack or impact the epoxy adhesive or mesh that connects the stencil foil to frame.

Aquanox A8831 is lost through drag-out when running at ambient process temperatures, but exhaust and evaporative losses will be mostly water during the first week of bath use. A wash tank may be replenished with water during initial use, followed by a dropper titration method for monitoring cleaning agent concentration levels. For preventative maintenance purposes, a wash bath change out schedule of 1-2 months is recommended or, in the case of heavy use, a one month change out is suggested.

Aquanox A8831 may also be used to clean pallets, oven radiators and other tooling. When using Aquanox A8831 for maintenance cleaning, heavy soils may require a wash temperature of 40-60°C at a concentration of 10-15%.

Application Note: Aquanox A8831 is only marginally effective at removing uncured SMT adhesives. As such, KYZEN recommends Aquanox  A8820 to remove uncured SMT adhesives. Please contact your KYZEN Representative for more information.

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