Aquanox A8820

Aquanox A8820AQUANOX® A8820 is an engineered Micro Cell Technology (MCT™) cleaning fluid designed to remove wet solder paste and uncured adhesive from stencils used with the surface mount printing process.

Aquanox A8820 rapidly dissolves solder paste fluxes while maintaining suitable material compatibility with stencil coatings, stencil materials of construction and cleaning machines. It is most commonly used to clean the stencil once removed from the stencil printer. Aquanox A8820 effectively removes most uncured SMT adhesives and is non-flammable, low in odor and fast drying.

For optimal performance, Aquanox A8820 should be run at 25% concentration with water at ambient temperatures. At this concentration, the Micro Cell Technology (MCT™) built into Aquanox A8820 wets and rapidly dissolves the flux that holds the solder spheres into a paste. Upon dissolution of the flux, solder balls release from the apertures and drop to the bottom of the cleaning tank. In well-designed stencil cleaning equipment, the solder balls are caught in recirculation filters, greatly extending bath life.

Aquanox A8820 is RoHS compliant and meets all REACH requirements to date. Aquanox A8820 ships as a concentrated product and is non-hazardous. Please reference the Aquanox A8820 Safety Data Sheet for other safety and/or performance considerations.

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