Aquanox A4703

Aquanox A4703Aquanox® A4703 is an aqueous cleaning solution designed with a pH neutral formulation combined with KYZEN’s revolutionary inhibition technology. This combination delivers superior material compatibility and pristine parts.

Aquanox A4703 is a high solvency – low reactivity cleaning agent specifically designed to clean low-residue no-clean, rosin and water-soluble flux residues from printed circuit assemblies. Aquanox A4703 is engineered with a mixture of solvating agents that provide high dispersive and polarity forces. When diluted with DI-water, the A4703 cleaning solution is highly effective at removing flux activators, soldering salts, fingerprints, organic acids, and surfactants.

Aquanox A4703 is designed to operate within a neutral pH range. At the recommended concentration of 10-15% dilution in DI-water, the pH ranges from 8.5-9.5. With lower activity, the cleaning solution provides improved materials compatibility. Additionally, pH neutralization may not be necessary when disposes of chemical isolation rinse water to the local publicly owned treatment works.

To maintain product performance on no-clean and rosin based flux residues, Aquanox  A4703 is engineered with all the essential building blocks. Low levels of reactants improve cleaning while running at modest concentration levels. The solvents engineered into A4703 along with functional additives result in a low foaming solution that can be run in both batch and inline spray-in-air cleaning tools. The product is low in odor and contains no hazardous materials.

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