VaporDegreasing 20|20

KYZEN, a pioneer in cleaning solutions that connects leading science with care,  introduces VaporDegreasing 20|20.

VaporDegreasing 20|20 is a cleaning process that answers the needs of engineers, our planet, and the US EPA. KYZEN offers industry leading vapor degreasing cleaning processes that save time and money while meeting all of the requirements of the US EPA. This delivers for more effective and cost saving solvent recycling/recovery. The solvents designed for this process are an ideal replacement for AK225and nPB, as well as other hazardous chemistries. The VaporDegreasing 20|20 process, together with our innovative new era of solvents, meets your needs for safe, environmentally acceptable approach for your most critical cleaning applications.


 Soil  Suggested Product
 Mineral Oils/Silicone Oils Solstice® PF

Metalnox M6920

Metalnox M6922

 Silicone Grease/Cutting Oils
 Heavy Grease/Vacuum Oils
 Refrigerant Oils/Fluorinated Oils
 Acrylic Adhesive


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