Contract Cleaning Services

When short-term cleaning processes become necessary make KYZEN your long-term plan.

Sometimes you have an unexpected increase in production, or a deadline that you can’t meet, or a customer asks you to clean a product that you simply don’t have the equipment or process in-house to do. KYZEN’s Contract Cleaning Services get engineers and technicians out of these jams every week. As a result, you’ll avoid any down time, related headaches, and customer relation nightmares.

Call or contact KYZEN cleaning experts when you are experiencing these types of issues:

Cleaning system down?
Corrosion issues on metal parts?
No-clean parts need flux removal?
Wrong solder paste applied?
Experiencing customer rejects with your current cleaning process?

Remember, you have access to convenient KYZEN locations around the world, including our Cleaning & Applications Laboratories equipped with an extensive array of equipment. Be sure you ask KYZEN expert cleaning technical help before you invest in new capital equipment, generate more waste or interrupt other critical production.


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