Products That Monitor, Manage & Analyze

Advanced Cleaning Technologies That Manage and Control Your Cleaning Processes.

From smart methods to manual methods, you’ll find what you need here. Our commitment to continuous improvement innovates technologies that deliver higher quality output with less effort, like the KYZEN PCS (Process Control System) InstaTrak and new KYZEN ANALYST™.  All offer you unmatched automated process management and control, often with remote reporting capabilities.

You’ll also find technologies for reducing chemical emissions and rinse water recycling to help minimize your environmental footprint while still being cost effective.

Here, you’ll also discover hand-held tools and bench top kits to help you quickly verify concentration and other critical parameters. For example, our innovative custom wash baskets feature a unique floating lid and open-mesh design, minimizing shadowing and allow faster processing speeds over traditional basket designs.



KYZEN ANALYST™ Data Services
Now you can access and monitor wash bath concentrations and trend processes from multiple sites and cleaning machines no matter where they, or you, are located in the world.
The world’s first real-time, automatic concentration analytics system designed for all chemistries, not just a few. KYZEN ANALYST™ was developed in response to extensive research with process engineers who run cleaning applications and are responsible for productivity and quality every day of the week.
The KYZEN PCS is a true control system that monitors and reacts to the dynamic changes in wash bath concentration. The KYZEN PCS was the first, and remains the only complete concentration monitoring and control system available.
KYZEN InstaTrak is truly the ultimate cleaning process tracking system. KYZEN InstaTrak tells you when a specific assembly was washed and its exposure to specific different parameters.
KYZEN’s Chemtroller is a reliable, simple to use and works on a special water-driven proportioning pump for hands-free chemical additions. Requiring no electricity or compressed air connections, the incoming water pressure powers the positive displacement pump.
The KYZEN 2-Pass Demister is a passive moisture collection device that reduces the amount of chemistry emitted through the exhaust stack above your cleaner.
Conductivity Control System
Maintain an accurate chemistry concentration throughout your cleaning process and you’ll improve performance and quality. Using the Conductivity Control System, you’ll also reduce costs and increase safety by eliminating production interruptions and keeping workers’ exposure to chemicals to a minimum.
Handheld Devices & Kits
Periodic manual bath analysis is good practice—even for automated systems. KYZEN makes it easy to secure the right tool by offering an array of products.

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