Oxygen System Cleaning

Critical Cleaning for Aerospace, Military, and Medical Life Support Systems

KYZEN offers safe and effective products to address critical cleaning for devices used in oxygen service industry.  These devices are largely used in aerospace, military, medical, and often includes sophisticated electronic devices. Our critical cleaning products includes solvents that are ideal choice for replacement of AK225, nPB, TCE, and HFC’s. These products are engineered to provide ideal combination of non-flammability, low toxicity, and high cleaning performance.

Our products are safe and effective in removal of mineral oils, silicone oils, silicone grease, cutting oils, fluorinated oils. These products are also effective in cleaning Christo Lube MCG111 grease (Krytox 240 AC). Our critical cleaning products include:

Product Cleaning Process Products Benefits 
Solstice PF-HP* Vapor Degreasing
  • VOC-Exempt
  • Compatible with stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, and other alloys
  • Non-flammable
  • Highly effective
  • Vapor or Cold Cleaning process
Metalnox M6920** Vapor Degreasing and Cold Cleaning
Metalnox M6922  Vapor Degreasing and Cold Cleaning, Defluxing

* Solstice is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc.
** M6920 conforms to ASTM F 945-12. It also meets MIL-PRF-32295A performance specification.

“Solstice PF-HP is recommended for cleaning and NVR sampling in applications at NASA propulsion test facilities where AK-225G is currently used”.  

To access NASA study click here!

Solstice PF and Metalnox M6920 do not exhibit any flashpoint or vapor flame limits – it has been determined that it has no vapor flame limits at temperatures up to 100°C in ASTM E 681 testing. The reactivity of these products in an oxygen rich environment was further characterized by NASA, with the heat of combustion, autogeneous ignition temperature (AIT) and liquid oxygen (LOX) testing of the solvent reported by NASA.

Cost Effective
Our critical cleaning products can easily be recycled and recovered by simple flash distillation or carbon adsorption. The volatility of these products allows for easy separation from a contaminant by simply adding heat. The evaporated solvent can then be recovered by condensing the solvent vapors by means of a refrigeration cooled condenser.

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