KYZEN Difference

KYZ_0473What sets KYZEN apart from all the other cleaning technologies companies out there? First, cleaning is all we do. And, because of that we have a deep knowledge and insight into all our markets. Which is why we are continuously honored by the industry for our innovation and service. In fact, we’ve garnered more than 40 such awards, including Circuit Assembly’s most recent Service Excellence Award given to Electronics Manufacturing Service Providers and Electronics Assembly Suppliers for excelling in customer service and satisfaction (an award voted on by actual customers that we’ve won for at least 5 consecutive years). The difference could also be that we have some of the most recognized, most advanced engineers and support teams for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and technologies in the world.

Or, perhaps you’ll see the difference in the way we approach your problems as though they were our own. While others may know that a customer needs a low surface tension solution, KYZEN knows why you need it, how it needs to work within the parameters and challenges of your unique situation, what your limitations are, where the process problems may be occurring, how the solution needs to be modified and your comfort level with installing it. But, that kind of knowledge doesn’t come easily.

This kind of in-depth knowledge of a customer’s individual needs, demands and desires is only attained where science and care converge. That’s what makes KYZEN truly different.

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