High Performance, Innovative, Award Winning Industrial Cleaning Products and Services

Kyzen, the global industry leader in the development and manufacture of advanced cleaning solutions, continuously surpasses our customer’s expectations and requirements in quality, support and technology.

Where science and care converge you’ll find a commitment to continuous improvement, research and development that consistently results in some of the industry’s most innovative products and solutions such as parts washer solvents, degreasing soap and aqueous parts washer. This is why KYZEN has been honored with more than 40 prestigious industry awards in categories ranging from New Product Innovation, Customer Service and Environmental to Best Cost of Ownership have been bestowed upon KYZEN and its products over the years, including the 2013 New Product Innovation Award in Cleaning Materials category for our AQUANOX A4639 electronic assembly cleaning solution for batch cleaning.

Yet, your satisfaction as a valued customer is our first priority, so we ensure that all your cleaning requirements are not just met, but exceeded at every stage, from evaluation and testing to implementation.  Our team of expert engineers goes beyond being compliant with current environmental regulations.  We anticipate and stay ahead of regulations, because we care.

Our high performance cleaning products and processes help keep the electronic assembly, aerospace, automotive, metal finishing, microelectronics, semiconductor and healthcare industries running smoothly. We can find, or even create, the right solution for your specific needs.

cl=electronics, ap=advanced packaging, mutli=multi purpose, mc=metal cleaning, and sc=scalar
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